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Integra heelproof entrance mat with carpet inserts

Integra heel proof entrance mat combines performance and elegance together with its unique interlocking tiles and high performance carpet inserts. Integra is suitable for most demanding applications such as shopping centres, airports, subway stations and hotels.

Tiles have open grid yet heel proof construction. Distinctive of Integra tile is the combination of lamellas and carpet inserts creating alternating zones for scraping, cleaning and absorbing. Lamellas form the scraping and cleaning part of the tile and plain carpet inserts absorbing part of the tile.

Lamellas of tile remove grit and fibres of insert remove dust and absorb moisture. The steady rhythm of lamellas and plain carpet areas yields a unique design effect of Integra.


  • Tile material: UV-resistant vinyl. Resists most chemicals and oils.
  • Tile colour: dark grey
  • Tile size: 400 x 140 mm
  • Packaging: 20 tiles/box (approx. 1m2)
  • Height: 16 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg / m2
  • Temperature resistance: -20 ºC - +70 ºC
  • Insert pile material: 100 % polyamide
  • Insert colours: graphite, blue, red
  • Slip resistance: DIN 51130: R11


Integra Integra Integra

Integra Integra Integra

Integra Integra Integra


Integra accessories

Integra Accessories

Plastic edging 16 mm

Integra plastic edging is specially designed for surface mounted applications on finished floor surfaces and for indoor and outdoor conditions

  • Material: UV-resistant PP/rubber
  • Length: 300 cm
  • Height: 16 mm
  • Weight: 290 g / m
  • Colour: grey
Integra Accessories

Aluminium edging 16/20 mm

The bevelled surface of the edging minimizes the possibility of tripping and allows use of wheeled carts. It withstands heavy loads and is suitable for heavy wheeled traffic.

  • Material: anodised aluminium.
  • Length: 300 cm
  • Height: 18 mm
  • Weight: 460 g/m
Integra Accessories

Integra anchors

Integra installation anchors are used to secure sections of mats to floor. If there is a risk that entrance mats might move due to heavy foot or trolley traffic, installation anchors prevent mats from moving and sliding around.

  • Material: nylon
  • Height: 16 mm
  • Colours: grey
  • Ø 15 mm