Coral Duo

Coral Duo For unbeatable soil removal

Coral duo provides unrivalled dirt removal and is particularly effective at trapping and retaining soil and moisture in the first few steps inside an entrance area. In fact, research shows that Coral duo retains 10% more dirt in the first few metres than any other textile entrance flooring system, which makes it an ideal choice for smaller entrances.

Coral duo combines Coral brush activ and Coral classic reinforced with tough and resilient fibres, enhanced with alternating strips of strong thick yarn with dirt scraping action. In total, five different yarns have been carefully combined to create the most effective dirt scraping capabilities of any Coral product. From schools and colleges to commercial buildings; wherever dirt is an issue, Coral duo offers an effective solution either as a stand-alone product or as the first part of a larger integrated ‘zone’ system.

Available in eight contemporary colours, Coral duo can be fully co-ordinated with Coral brush activ and Coral classic ranges. Its ribbed construction is not only functional; it provides an aesthetically pleasing aspect to any entrance area.

For areas where there is a heightened risk of fire, Coral Duo FR can be supplied with a flame retardant latex backing that meets EN 13501 BflS1.

The direction in which Coral duo is produced is not the traffic direction. Coral duo should be installed with the ribs at right angles to the direction of traffic.

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Coral Duo Coral Duo Coral Duo


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Coral Duo

Coral Duo