Coral Luxe

Coral Luxe For the most well appointed entrances

With its rich pile height and luxurious appearance, Coral luxe may not look like a traditional matting system, but it is in fact an ideal clean-off solution for light to medium traffic areas where aesthetic appeal is a top priority.

Particularly well suited to entrance lobbies, corridors and reception areas, Coral luxe absorbs moisture from the soles of shoes and conceals dirt within the pile. Because of its luxurious look and feel, this deceptive soil and moisture barrier blends particularly well with other carpeted areas of the building.

Eight versatile colourways are available. The yarns used in Coral luxe are designed for longevity and appearance retention. They also release soil easily, which makes this attractive yet functional floor covering very easy to clean.

For areas where there is a heightened risk of fire, Coral Luxe FR can be supplied with a flame retardant latex backing that meets EN 13501 BflS1.

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