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Coral & Nuway

Powerful clean off systems

Entrance flooring systems are fundamental to modern building design – minimising maintenance costs, maintaining the building’s appearance throughout the day and protecting its flooring and environment from pollutants and dirt.

Entrance flooring has three zones. A primary zone (1) outside or in the first area inside a building, a secondary zone (2) inside the building after the primary zone and a circulation zone (3).

Nuway is an advanced zone 1 rigid or semi-rigid system. It retains its great looks and offers excellent ease of cleaning and maintenance over its entire lifetime, even in high intensity areas like airports, supermarkets and shopping centres.

Coral is the perfect zone 2 product, a flexible entrance flooring system with special yarns and constructions that absorb moisture and ensure dirt is brushed off the foot at each step, until feet are as clean and dry as possible. It is also available in a flame-retardant version.

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